How do I book a date for my event?
There is a $500 deposit to reserve a date, which is refundable after the event if there are no damages.

What are the next steps after I have paid the $500 deposit?
You will be receiving a contract and invoice in the mail shortly after booking. Please contact us once you receive the contract and we will schedule your contract meeting. Your contract meeting must be held within 2 weeks of receiving the contract and can be a phone conference if you are out of town. The contract needs to be signed and your first payment made at this meeting.

When are my payments due?
An invoice will be sent with your contract showing your payment schedule. Most packages are paid in 3 installments. The first payment is 1/3 of the minimum price for the package chosen and due at your contract signing. The second payment is due approximately 90 days prior to your event. The 2nd payment will be adjusted to help you budget for your estimated guest count. The third payment is due approximately 3 weeks prior to your event. Your final payment will be adjusted to reflect your actual confirmed guest count.

What if I plan a garden wedding and there is inclement weather?
We have Nashville’s best backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate for an outside event. Our 4,200 sq. ft. heated pavilion will hold up to 300 guests for an inside ceremony. We set up the ceremony just like it was planned for the garden including an arch and optional aisle decorations. With our large windows overlooking a garden area filled with trees streamed in twinkle lights, your guests are still able to enjoy the feel of an outside event with the comforts of being inside. Guests make their way into the mansion following the ceremony, while our staff turns the pavilion into your reception area in 5- 10 minutes.

Is there a charge to use the pavilion as my backup weather plan for my ceremony?
There is no additional charge for us to set up the ceremony in the pavilion and turn it over into the reception afterwards. This way you can save thousands of dollars by not having to rent a tent, siding, lighting, and flooring. The best thing is that you can plan an outdoor event without the stress that usually goes with it.

What planning is included for my event?
Riverwood Mansion is known for its’ service and attention to detail. We have a team of coordinators dedicated to its’ location. There are 3 main planning sessions held at the mansion to discuss the contract, ideas for the wedding, theme, vendors, linens and centerpieces, decorations, a timeline, layout, the ceremony and rehearsal details, and everyone’s role for the day. You may also call or email the coordinators throughout planning. Our main reason for being so involved in planning is so that we can take care of the details the day of the wedding allowing the couple’s family and friends to enjoy the day to its fullest. 

What staff will be at Riverwood the day of my event?
Riverwood has a full staff ready to make your day one to remember. The day of the wedding there will be parking assistants, an event coordinator, a coordinator’s assistant(s), a ceremony director (if the ceremony is held at Riverwood), and a facility manager. The catering staff will also be present until the end of the event.

When do you hold rehearsals?
We hold rehearsals the day of the wedding. We have found that planning the ceremony in advance 2 to 3 weeks before the wedding takes care of getting those needed details. This also frees up the night before the wedding to allow the couple to focus on their family and friends and have a wonderful dinner. The day of the wedding, the wedding party will put their things in their rooms and then meet with our ceremony director to practice for about 20 minutes. She will show everyone where to stand and how to walk in and out. Since the bride has the easier part of knowing where to walk (to the groom) and she usually doesn’t want the groom to see her yet, she stays in the bridal suite. After the rehearsal everyone gets dressed and starts pictures.

Can I hold a winter event at Riverwood?
We hold events all year round. During our winter months, ceremonies are planned for the pavilion or sometimes the Mansion for a smaller, more intimate ceremony. Our 4,200 sq. ft. heated pavilion will hold up to 300 guests for a ceremony. Your guests will enjoy the romantic setting that the pavilion creates with its tall draped ceiling, beautiful chandeliers, and trees streamed in twinkle lights in the background. Guests make their way into the mansion following the ceremony while our staff turns the pavilion into your reception area in 5- 10 minutes.

Can I have portraits taken at Riverwood Mansion?
Yes, Riverwood is the perfect place for bridal portraits or engagement pictures. The mansion’s beautiful structure and walls painted by backdrop artists create amazing images. The gardens and grounds also give you numerous photo opportunities. If you are holding a wedding at Riverwood Mansion, there is no charge for the use of the property for your pictures. If you only want to book a bridal or engagement session, it is $200 for 2 hours. Times must be reserved in advance and must be held within normal business hours.

Can I use the actual mansion for my event?
Yes, unlike many other historic venues, the lower level of the mansion is available to use for your event. It is a beautiful area to display your food and cake, take pictures, and mingle and enjoy its’ history.

How and when can I tour the mansion, gardens, and pavilion?
Riverwood Mansion is open for tours during office hours by appointment. Please call our staff in advance to check availability for you event and availability for your tour. Tours are for clients interested in renting out the facility. Riverwood is not open to the public.

Do I get my deposit back if I decide to release my date before I sign the contract?
If you decide to release your date after booking, the damage deposit is nonrefundable.

Where is Riverwood Mansion located?
Riverwood Mansion is conveniently located approximately 10 minutes from Opryland Hotel and 12 minutes from downtown Nashville, making it very convenient for the ultimate Nashville wedding.

Which hotels are close to Riverwood Mansion?
There are several hotels in Nashville only minutes from the mansion. The 3 main areas are Opryland/ Music Valley Drive area (10 minutes from the mansion), downtown Nashville (12 minutes from the mansion), and the airport/Elm Hill Pike (20 minutes from the mansion). See hotel page.

What are your policies for alcohol?
You may purchase your own alcohol and have it brought to the mansion or have your caterer provide the alcohol. Your caterer must provide the bartender and liability insurance. All alcohol must be served from the bar or passed by licensed servers. Cash bars are not allowed. Kegs are allowed, but please remember to bring your own container for the keg and a tap. Alcohol may not be served without food available. The bar must close one hour prior to the gates closing for proper clean-up and removal.

Who do I use for catering?
8 Lavender Lane is our wonderful in-house caterer. We have chosen them to represent Riverwood Mansion based on their quality of food, service, and presentation. Our packages include catering with our in-house caterer allowing you to customize your menu. 

Do I get my deposit back if I decide to release my date before I sign the contract?
If you decide to release your date after booking, the damage deposit is nonrefundable.

How does my time frame work?
We base your time frame included in your package on many years of experience of working events. During your planning sessions we will create a timeline to help with the flow of your event. Time frames include 3 hours before the event starts for such things as: a walkthrough rehearsal with the wedding party, getting dressed, pictures, catering preparation and setup, cake delivery, DJ setup, florist delivery, decorating, etc. The ceremony and/or reception with your guests lasts from 3 to 3 ½ hours. Then, the last hour is for the farewell and clean-up.

Can I add additional time to my package?
Additional time is rarely needed or used, but may be purchased in some instances. Please check with a Mansion representative to find out more details.

Can I have a DJ or band for my reception?
Yes. To assist you in planning, Riverwood will provide contact information of DJs and bands we have worked frequently within the past and that have done a wonderful job. If you choose a DJ that has not frequented Riverwood, we ask that they sign a form acknowledging they know the decibel level they need to stay within. Bands not recommended by Riverwood must be approved due to the decibel level restrictions and time frames for setup/ breakdown. Music must stay under 75 db since Riverwood Mansion is located in a residential area.

Will there be any other events when my event is going on?
No, there are not multiple events going on at the same time at Riverwood Mansion. When you rent the facility, you get the entire property solely for your event.

When can I set up or decorate for my event?
Riverwood offers a variety of rentals and decorations on-site for your convenience that will be set up before your rental time starts. Other items that need to be brought to the mansion need to come and be set up during your rental time. Your rental time provides time before the guests arrive for decorating and deliveries and time after the farewell for breakdown and loading.

How do I choose a package?
Riverwood Mansion offers a variety of options to fit the couples’ style of planning. Here are a few helpful hints to help you find a package that fits you:

1. Choose whether you want your ceremony & reception here or just one or the other. Our ceremony & reception packages are: Elegant Essentials, Grand Celebration, and Ultimate Experience. We also offer a Grand Celebration package for reception only events.

2.  Have an idea of the size of the wedding. There are a minimum and maximum number of guests depending on the package and day of the week the event is held. Make sure the package fits your estimated guest count.

3.  Decide how involved you want to be. Our inclusive packages let the bride and groom personalize their wedding without having to do all the leg work and research in finding their vendors since Riverwood’s preferred vendors will take care of everything for them. On the other hand, Elegant Essentials package gives you a great start with catering, in-house decor, and basic rentals, while giving you the option to choose your remaining vendors.

Do I get to customize my options with a package like the Grand Celebration?
Yes, all of our vendors are very creative and want to work with you personally to customize everything.