A Holiday Party Your Employees Will Love

The holidays are the perfect time to show appreciation to your employees.  Holding a company holiday party brings everyone together for a night to eat, drink, and celebrate the season.  

Noted for hosting the most lavish parties and grand celebrations for the last 20 years, we continue to embrace flawless hospitality, charm, and classic Southern elegance for each and every event.  

Follow these four tips for giving your employees a holiday party they won't forget:



No one wants to have a holiday party in a boring, fluorescent-lit conference room that they see everyday at work.  Get yourself and your employees out of the office for a night with a destination party.  A destination party will not only give your employees something above the rest, but it will also show them you appreciate their work because you spent the time to plan a party different than the usual.  


2.  SET A "THEME".

Because you can only attend so many ugly sweater parties, think outside the box and set a fun theme for your party.  Setting a theme can assist in the creativity of planning games, food and drinks, decor, and favors.  



Instead of the monotonous "everyone bring a dish to pass", kick it up a notch by incorporating the party theme throughout the food menu.  From a self-serve chocolate bar for a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory theme to snowman cake pops for a Winter Wonderland or White Christmas theme, creativity is key.  
For a headache-free option, hire a local catering company that can help you brainstorm fun and original menu items. 

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Photo: Anderson Shore Photography



To prevent that occasional awkward silence in the room, give your employees live music as a background to cocktail hour, dinner, and/or dancing.  Being in Music City, you have several local artists and bands right at your fingertips.  

Photo: Rylee HItchner Photography

Photo: Rylee HItchner Photography