Brews in the News

As always, we love our East Nashville neighborhood and enjoy being a part of a community with so many exciting things happening over on the East side. Our growth over the past few years and unique, creative culture is something to be recognized. 

The East Nashvillian released news last week on their blog of plans for the craft beer industry to stretch its way over into the East Nashville neighborhood. These plans are in the early stages, but we did get a little bit of information on who is coming and where they'll be.

Nicole Keiper of The East Nashvillian  filled us in when she heard the first announcement from Eater Nashville "...the former Worm’s Way building’s new tenants: The folks at Smith & Lentz Brewing are already at work renovating the space to build their small-batch brewery and taproom."

And just around the corner from our home over on the East side, Southern Grist Brewing Company will be moving into the recently closed Boone & Sons building on Porter Road. Along with the small batch brewery will be an on-site taproom that will open up to the public for tastings! 

Photo via   Photographer: Valerie Hammond

Photo via Photographer: Valerie Hammond

Events on the East side

Events on the East side

Riverwood Mansion, a historic venue for southern events, is located in the creative and artistic East Nashville area of the city. Our location is secluded enough to transport you to another time, but is also just minutes from the heart of Nashville. Learn more about our creatively unique community.

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