Trending: Naked Cakes!

Wedding Cake Trends

Being around cake almost every wedding has kind of made me a cake connoisseur. I've started to enjoy tasting the cake without much icing so this new trend is right up my alley. Naked cakes have been enjoyed here at Riverwood long before this trend went mainstream. Our brides know exactly what they want and they aren't afraid to ask for it! For years they have been working one on one with local pastry chefs on designing their perfect cake, many of which today would be considered a "naked" cake.


Here's a picture from 2007 by Jason Tucker Photography of a "naked cheesecake" from 8 Lavender Lane, our in-house bakery that shows we've been in the trend for years. We just never knew it.

 Enjoy this new image from Nathan Westerfield of a current "naked cake" from a Riverwood wedding.

This cake and photo by Milk Bar, the bakery credited in coming up with the term "naked cake".


What do you think of this wedding cake trend? Could you go without the icing?