The Weather on Your Wedding Day

Rain and cold temps haven't really affected us here at Riverwood for weddings. Funny writing this as Nashville is hit with the Ice and Snow Storm of 2015.

Even though we rarely have to use them, we do have "Plan B" scenarios when rain or cold temperatures come around during wedding season. Our rain back up plans are included with every event at no extra cost. Luckily, our property allows for flexibility in ceremony locations both indoors and out to help relieve stress from any unexpected weather. Our goal is to function as seamlessly as we do when there is no rain. We haven't had to use any back-up rain plans in the past two years. Fingers crossed for this year's weddings too!

Here are some images of ceremony spots that can be used as an alternative locations to our outdoor gardens in case rain hits. These beautiful areas in the mansion are covered and protected from inclement weather. If it does happen to rain on the wedding day, I have heard it is good luck.

Photo 1: Jen and Chris Creed

Photo 2: Meishach Moore

Photo 3: Lori Hensley Photography

Photo 4: Andrea Hallgren Photography